Commercial cleaning is a challenging but rewarding industry.  Want to compete with the “big guys?”  That’s what your Engineered Clean division (optional) of your Maids In America franchise takes care.  We give you the training and high-end experienced commercial cleaning resources 24×7.



Imagine millions of dollars in practically any size market?  With commercial cleaning it doesn’t take many clients to see a lucrative and rewarding business.

Of course you need a janitorial / commercial cleaning franchise that can not only get you in the door but help you keep your clients happy and your cleaning staff and duties under control.  That’s where Engineered Clean comes in with the advanced Visual Clean System.

Watch our video below to better understand the Visual Clean System and how

Engineered Clean trains janitorial companies nationwide with the Visual Clean System.  EcoLab even uses our visual training system (adopted for their application) and we train some very large commercial cleaning companies that actually compete with us for cleaning contracts!

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