The Visual Clean System

The Visual Clean System, developed in 2010 by our Engineered Clean division, is our core quality control system.

The Visual Clean System (VCS) is effective at making consistent cleaning quality easy and providing your sales a serious boost.  VCS is a “marketing darling” that connects instantly with business managers that have been looking for a consistent janitorial service.

VCS instantly answers janitorial service prospects question: “How can Engineered Clean or Maids In America give us what others couldn’t?”

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Prospects & Customers Love It

Customers love the fact that they can not only see that tasks were checked off but they can see the the actual order and details cleaned.

There is nothing left to the imagination so expectations are always aligned.

To Clean

where to clean

Where To Clean

Easily diagram a commercial facility or a 5000+ square foot home to be cleaned on a regular basis so no office or room is missed.

When To Clean*

Get the timing down area by area so you know where your cleaning team should be at any given time.  9:00 am?  They should be in the kitchen….

How To Clean

What To Clean

It’s all spelled out: For example: under the urinal or the back of the faucet plate/etc and how to clean it (right chemical/etc) .

There is NO Competition

Seriously.  Try and find a competitor that has the Visual Clean System.  You won’t unless you are competing against Maids In America or Engineered Clean.  If you are….  Good luck!

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We keep your reputation spotless with the Visual Clean System

The Visual Clean system gets you customer NOW and LATER as not only is it attractive to prospects but it is one of the reasons you will become the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service in your market.

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WIN In The Cleaning Business